Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Skill Share Schedule

Our first quarter of Health Skill Shares has exciting, informative, and well-attended! Our first three months grew, starting with 3 and seeing regularly 5-10 participants each week. Evaluations have showed that people have liked the topics, format, and that the level of information was "just right."
Participants have shared experiences, learned skills both in health and in group participation, and posed questions and topics for future Skill Shares.

For the next three months, we've got two special guests, 6 topics suggested by guests, and a variety of health topics applicable to all people, from the perspective of people living in poverty. We'd love to see participants and volunteers from Welcome Ministry, Senior Center, and Old First Presbyterian, as well as the larger community.
Feel free to comment on topics you'd like to see, or skills you'd like to share!

Medical Marijuana-Special Guest Alex Darr

What are the risks and benefits of medicinal marijuana use?

How to access it safely and legally?

Resources and your questions answered.

Wed. September 10,


Discrimination, Prejudice, and Your Health-

-What is oppression and what can we do about it?

-What are common forms of oppressions in our communities?

-How does oppression effect everyone's health and safety?

-How can we work against oppression that threatens our health?

Wed. September 17,


Drugs and Alcohol- Use, Abuse, and Help

Special guest Randall Ehrbar, Doctorate in Psychology of

New Leaf: Services for Our Community

He'll be talking about a variety of topics related to assessing your own use, risks and benefits to continuing to use chemicals, how and when people might decide to make changes, and what options you have for getting help. He'll be sharing information about Harm Reduction and Stages of Change. Bring your experiences and questions!

Wed. October 8, 4:30-5:30

Avoiding Isolation-

Feel like you have no family or friends?

Get lonely, even in this city packed with people?

Wonder how to get started building a support network?

We'll talk about how and why people living in poverty may become isolated, why it's harmful to our health, and how to avoid isolation by finding community and creating a support network.

Wed. October 15,



-What kinds of exercise are healthiest, and how can you access them?

-How do you know if you're getting the right amount of the right kinds of exercise for your body?

-What about exercise when your body is strained from the realities of homelessness?

-What are the choices, challenges, risks, and benefits to exercising with disabilities?

Wed. November 12 , 4:30-5:30

Too much Stuff & Clutter- Health, Safety, Housing Risks & Resources

Wondering if you've got too much stuff? Not sure what you need?

Whether you're in a home you own or living on the streets, it can be hard to manage belongings and where you keep them. If you need help with cleaning, making decisions about what to keep, or anxiety related to stuff, we've got ideas and resources to help.

Wed. November 19, 4:30-5:30

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