Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Health Skill Share Workshops

Starting June 18, Welcome Ministry will be offering time to learn and share skills about health topics.

Skill Shares will happen 4:30-5:30 pm on Evening Outreach Nights prior to the meal- that's the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Assistant Director Jay Wilson or visiting educators will facilitate, and the hope is that people who have specific skills will want to share their knowledge. If you see a topic that you want to help with, contact Jay.


Come with your questions, skills, and suggestions for topics. We hope that a mix of people will come to each Skill Share, people of all levels of skills. Want to come but see a barrier? Talk to Jay to find a way.


In order to be able to offer a safe, comfortable, and effective place to share skills, in addition to the regular Welcome Ministry rules, we also ask that participants:

-Step up and step back- if you are reluctant to participate, STEP UP to try it.

If you know that you like to talk and other people haven't had a chance, STEP BACK to allow everyone to participate.

-Only one person talks at a time, no shouting- so that we can hear and respect everyone who speaks.

-Speak from your own experience, no erasing- You are an expert in your own experiences, so share them (remember this is a public space). Do not speak for other people, whole groups, or erase someone else's perspective.

-No racism, homophobia, ageism, or other ways of oppressing people.

-Jay cannot help you with an individual problem, get items or mail for you, or make appointments while we meet. Please see him before or after the presentation if you need to meet.

These rules are communication skills in themselves, so Jay will assist in remembering and following them.


See next post for schedule for the summer!

Contact Jay for more information, for questions, or if you'd like to share some skills.

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