Thursday, July 4, 2013

Referrals: Employment

Employment & Job Training

HSA is responsible for providing employment services for San Francisco's public assistance recipients, as well as offering services to the general public through its Career Link Centers. HSA collaborates with many local community agencies to provide specific vocational services, as well as with the City's Office of Economic and Workforce Development.

Resources for Job Seekers

HSA has career centers in locations around San Francisco with all the tools you need to find a job, from job listings to career counseling.

Specialized Career Services for Welfare to Work and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Participants

If you are already participating in an HSA welfare to work program such as CalWORKs or PAES, or if you have been enrolled in the WIA program though the One Stop System there are additional career services available to you.

Employment Services for Youth

Need help getting started on the road to work? We can help.

Job Opportunities with HSA

Interested in working for HSA? We encourage you to apply. Applicants who are bilingual in Spanish, Chinese, Russian or Vietnamese are especially welcome.

Employer Services

Find out how HSA can help you fill positions with qualified workers.

Child Care

If you are a CalWORKs or WIA participant you may qualify for child care subsidies for the hours you are in work, training, or school as part of a Welfare to Work plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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