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Referrals: Children and Youth

  • WIC. CALL575-5788 (leave message if no answer). M–F 8am-12pm, 1-5pm.Women who are pregnant or have children under 5 years, call for referral to sign up in one of 6 locations. Bring proof of income (check stubs, Medi-Cal card), address (California ID/phone or PG and E bill/piece of mail). WIC provides food vouchers, info & support for breastfeeding, and nutritional counseling. You can take vouchers to some grocery stores for fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans (or peanut butter), cereal, juice, eggs, milk, cheese, iron-fortified infant formula & baby food for infants. Women who are breastfeeding & not using formula get more of the above, plus canned fish. Closed July 4, Sep 2.

Health Care and Support:

  • Community Wellness Department (Native American Health Center), 333 Valencia, Ste 240 (bet 14th & 15th St).  503-1046   call M-F 9am-5pm. Substance abuse counseling, traditional counseling, talking circles, children/youth services & case management. Waiting list for some services. Free. English
  • Huckleberry Youth Health Center, 1292 Page (at Lyon). 621-2929 (24hr).Huckleberry Youth Health Ctr : 555 Cole (at Haight)  386-9398  (M-F 9am-5pm). For youths aged 11-21. Services include family & individual therapy, case management, & crisis services. Call for crisis shelter for runaway youths 11-17. Medical & health education programs at Huckleberry Youth Health Ctr include: peer health education; testing & counseling for HIV, pregnancy & STD. $0-full bill. English & Spanish.
  • Balboa Teen Health Center, Balboa High School, 1000 Cayuga, Room 156. 469-4512  Middle & high school students who live in SF. Call M-F 8:30am-5pm. Drop-in for Balboa students only M,Tu,Th,F 8:45-11am, W 10-11am. Medical care, health education program, HIV counseling & testing, individual & group counseling, family planning, substance abuse program, & educational support. Free. English, Cantonese, Spanish, Tagalog.

Mental Health Care Services:

  • Edgewood Center for Children / Behavioral Health and Family Services,1801 Vicente (at 29th Ave). 681-3211  (M-F 8am-6pm). 0-25 year olds. Call for information & referrals. MediCal, private insurance, $0-full bill. English, Cantonese, Spanish.
  • Westside Ajani, 1140 Oak (bet. Divisadero & Broderick). 431-8252  ext 0. Call M-F 9am-5pm. For youth up to age 21 & their families. Mental health treatment services. Free, MediCal, Healthy Families or uninsured. English.
  • Oakes Children's Center,1550 Treat (near Precita).  641-8000   5-18yrs. Must be referred. Call clinical co-ordinator (Dr. Brenner ext. 214) M-F 8:30am-5pm (except school holidays) & ask how to get referred. Day treatment & outpatient therapy. MediCal, Free if eligible. English, Spanish, Tagalog; limited Cantonese, Russian.
  • Southeast Child Family Therapy Center (CBHS),100 Blanken (at Tunnel), 330-5740.
    1525 Silver Ave (at San Bruno),  657-1770  3905 Mission (at Crescent), 337-2400. Call M-F 9am-5pm, Sa (Blanken only) 9am-1pm. Evening hours by appt. Individual, group & family therapy, school consultation & Special Education partnerships, parent support, medication evaluations, assessments & referrals. MediCal, HealthyKids, HealthySF; those uninsured for mental health, $0-full bill. English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish
  • Mission Family Center (CBHS), 759 South Van Ness (bet 18th & 19th Sts).  642-4550  Call M-F 8:30am-5pm & ask for intake coordinator. Children & youth aged 3-17 or still in high school. Individual, group, & family therapy; medication. MediCal, Healthy Families. If you don’t have insurance, they will try to help you get it. English, Spanish
  • Family Service Agency SF, 1010 Gough (at Eddy).  474-7310   For all San Franciscans. Call M-F 9am-5pm. Individual psychotherapy & counseling, psychiatric medication evaluations, and referrals. $0-full bill. English, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, & ASL
  • Family Mosiac Project (CBHS),1309 Evans (bet Mendell & Jennings).  206-7600  Children 0-17 years old who live in SF, & their families. Intensive case management for children who have emotional and behavioral problems and are at risk of being placed out-of-home or out-of-school. Services include case management and referrals to therapy, psychiatric medication services, respite, tutoring, advocacy, and other programs. Length of treatment is 12-18 months. Medi-Cal, Healthy SF/Healthy Families, and non-insured. English, Cantonese, Spanish 
  • Chinatown Child Development Center (CBHS), 720 Sacramento (at Kearny). 392-4453   0-18 years old. Call M-F 8:30am-5pm & ask for intake worker. Individual, group, & family therapy. Psychological testing for clients, medication management, referrals, parent education. Only for MediCal, Healthy Families, & uninsured ($0-full bill). English, Cambodian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese
  • Child Crisis (CBHS), 3801 3rd St (at Evans), Suite 400, 2nd Fl., Bayview Plaza Shopping Center. 970-3800   For youth under 18. Call for intake interview. Evaluations for involuntary psychiatric hospitalization & crisis case management for up to 30 days. Specialized services for homicidal, suicidal & gravely disabled youth or victims & witnesses of community violence. $0-full bill. English, Cantonese, Spanish; other language interpreters available.
 Multi-Service Centers for Children and Youth: 
  • APA Family Support Services, 10 Nottingham Pl. (off 1020-28 Kearny btw. Broadway & Pacific). 617-0061  Call for appt. M-F 8:30am-5pm. Support services for Asian families to prevent child abuse & domestic violence. Parenting & health education, support groups, kinship support, referrals, home visits, case management, assessment, counseling, individual & group therapy, parental stress hotline, employment program. Free. English, Cambodian, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Mandarin, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese. 
  • OMI Family Center (CBHS), 1701 Ocean (at Faxon). 452-2200. For all San Franciscans. Call MTuThF 9-11am; drop-in intake MTuThF 9:30am & W 1:30pm. Group & individual counseling, case management, medication management, information, & referrals. $0-full bill. English, sometimes Spanish. 
  • Instituto Familar de La Raza, 2919 Mission (bet. 25th & 26th Sts).  229-0500,Latino-focused (but for all SF residents). Call M-F  9am-5pm & ask for an intake worker. Open M-F  9am-7pm; Sa 9am-2pm. Case management & advocacy services for youth, family services, HIV education, counseling services, women’s group, referrals, cultural events.MediCal, Healthy Families, $0-full bill. English, Spanish 
  • Vietnamese Youth Development Center, 166 Eddy (bet. Mason & Taylor). 771-2600. For youths aged 12-24 and  their families. Call M-F 10am-6pm. Case management; help with family conflict, culture/generation gap, gang issues; leadership program; tutoring; substance abuse counseling; language assistance; information & referral; advocacy for housing, welfare & legal concerns; job training & part-time employment for youths. Free . English, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese.
  • Huckleberry Youth Health Center, 1292 Page (at Lyon). 621-2929 (24hr).Huckleberry Youth Health Ctr : 555 Cole (at Haight)  386-9398  (M-F 9am-5pm). For youths aged 11-21. Services include family and  individual therapy, case management, & crisis services. Call for crisis shelter for runaway youths 11-17. Medical & health education programs at Huckleberry Youth Health Ctr include: peer health education; testing & counseling for HIV, pregnancy & STD. $0-full bill. English & Spanish.
  • Lavender Youth Recreation Information Center (LYRIC), 127 Collingwood (at 18th). For appt. call 703-6150  M-F 10am-6pm. Community-building groups TuWF 4-6pm. Job training, activities & internships for LGBTQQ youth 24yrs & under. No clinical services.Free. English, Spanish.
  • Bayview Hunters Point Foundation - Youth Services,5015 3rd St (bet. Quesada & Revere).   822-1585   For children aged 12-24 and their families. Call or drop in M-F 10am-8pm. Out-patient counseling, evening reporting center for juvenile probationers, substance abuse treatment & prevention; girls’ program;14-week Strengthen ing Family program. Homework help, computer lab, recreational activities. Free. English, Spanish 

Domestic Violence and Other Types of Abuse and Violence Support:

  • Central Abuse Council in San Francisco, 427 S. Van Ness (bet 15 & 16 Sts).  333-4357   For LGBTQQ survivors of domestic violence, hate violence, or sexual assault. Drop-in information, educational seminars, referrals for parents, educators, & anyone else who works with children. Free. English, Spanish, some materials in Asian languages.
  • TALK Line (Telephone Aid in Living with Kids), 711 Van Ness (at Turk) Suite 305.  441-
    5437  (24hr English hotline, other languages via telephone interpreter). For guardians of minor children only. Call or drop in Tu-Th 10am-noon for crisis counseling. Call 387-3684 for info about therapy or for SafeStart information & referral hotline for children exposed to violence.
    $0-full bill. English; Spanish by appt.
  • Riley Center Community Office, 175 Howard (btw. 7th & 8th Sts.) 552-2943. For female survivors of domestic violence & their children. Call for appointment for support groups; drop-in MTh 9am-noon & 1:30-4pm for peer counseling, case management, information, & referrals. Free. English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish; other languages by request.
  • Trauma Recovery/ Rape Treatment Center, 2727 Mariposa, Suite 100 (bet. Florida & Bryant). 437-3000   Call M-F 8am-5pm, Tu 8am-7pm. Short or long-term care focused on sexual assault, domestic violence, & other interpersonal violence. For men & women. Services include case management, individual & group psychotherapy, STD treatment & food boxes. 24hr forensic evaluation & medical care at SF General Hospital. Free. English, Portuguese, Spanish; sometimes Arabic, Amharic, Tigrinya
  • Grief Related Service at CESP, 3575 Geary, Ste 107 (at Arguello). 750-4133. For people of any age who have experienced difficult, sudden, or traumatic loss. Traumatic Loss Group, drop-in Sa 10:30am-12pm. Call for 8-week traumatic loss grief group & individual grief counseling. $0-full bill. English
  • La Casa de Las Madres, 1663 Mission, Suite 225 (bet. S. Van Ness & Division Sts). 24hr toll-free domestic violence hotlines: 1-877-503-1850 (adults), 1-877-923-0700 (teens). Call for initial screening to determine eligibility. Individual counseling, support groups, & referralsfor women, teens, & their children. Advocacy & support services, including 8-week shelter. Free. English, Spanish; other languages by telephone interpreter.
  • Child & Adolescent Support, Advocacy & Resource Center (CASARC), San Francisco General Hospital, 995 Potrero (at 22nd St), Bldg 80, Ward 80, basement.  206-8386   For children aged 0-17. Drop in or, preferably, call 24hr intake nurse for interview. Office is open 8:30am-5pm. Crisis intervention, sexual abuse therapy, play therapy, group therapy, counseling, Victim/Witness applications with police report, referrals to community resources, case management. MediCal, Victim/Witness, first visit Free. English, Spanish, other language interpreters available


  • ALPHA Pregnancy Center, Diapers for families who need them. 5070 Mission St. 94112, Phone number:  415-584-6800

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