Thursday, June 20, 2013

Referral: June 2013 San Francisco Housing Opportunities

June 2013 -  Affordable and Low-Income Housing Wait List Opportunities San Francisco and Bay Area (printable PDF)  (mapped by location) 

Caritas Management posts new housing opportunities at 1358 Valencia St. in San Francisco every Monday in the lobby.  Every building has various age and income requirements.  Information can be obtained by going to the office directly. 

For Mercy Housing information on available housing go to: 
TNDC has a housing hotline: 415-358-3938 and a website: and click on “Find a Home” 

Asian, Inc. is accepting applications for all their properties, but there are no openings at this time.  You may call 415-928-5910 if you have any questions. Some of their properties include: 421 Turk Street Apts, 450 Ellis Street Apts, 518 Minna Street Apts, 575 Eddy Street Apts, 735 Ellis Street Apts, 1738 Mission Street Apts, 2300 Van Ness Avenue Apts 

For people with AIDS, the AIDS Housing Alliance is an agency that provides support and resources around maintaining housing as well as looking for housing. They have weekly Drop-in clinics held on Mondays at noon (doors close at 12:15). Here is their information:

350 Golden Gate Ave (@ Larkin)
San Francisco, CA 94102

Property:  Community Housing Partnership  If you have questions,  please contact Kathleen Cheatham, Occupancy Manager,  at 415.563.3205 x123

Status: Open Waiting list (Approx. wait time for housing is 2-4 years long)

Type/Amenities:  SRO/Studio
Amenities vary between the four buildings – you will receive a flyer with specific information when you apply.
Occupancy: one single adult.  1 Bedroom, Private bath and kitchen
Occupancy: two to four occupants, On-site support services available.

Min/Max Income:
No minimum income requirement; Maximum income information based on Housing Authority guidelines          
Eligibility: Must be able to verify that you are homeless at the time you are offered housing

Rent: 30% Income


Tiago said...

Caritas help is crucial in many societies. Specially in Catholic countries the help that it provides to poor is fundamental. Even in Argentina, the most developed country of South America, where I spent last summer my holidays in an
apartment in buenos aires the majority of people goes to Caritas to help others.

Anonymous said...

Every building has some limitations so the builders and the ones renting for it must take all possible measures to keep the building safe from all kind of hazards. Just like few days back an apartment in Buenos Aires were on fire! So be careful...
Thanks for the post!
Safety in Apartments

Alex ken said...
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Alex ken said...

Great information Francisco every Monday in the lobby. Every building has various age and income requirements.Information can be obtained by going to the office directly.Thanks for sharing........

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