Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Staffing Change

Because of the loss of several major grants, due to restructuring of their giving or closing, the Rev. Jay Wilson’s last day at Welcome will be on April 15th. We are thankful for all the work Jay has done at Welcome during his time with us over the past two years. Below is just one of the many ways Jay enriched our work.

Rev. Jay Wilson, Director of Independent Living
Pastor Jay created a unique power point presentation that talks to kids about poverty and homelessness. Pastor Jay talked to 70 third graders at Argonne Alternative Elementary School and 20 students from the San Francisco Friends School. During these talks students learn about discrimination, disabilities and safe ways to be around people who live on the streets. At the end of each presentation, the students helped us to plant seeds for our garden project, which they will be able to watch grow online at

While not on Welcome’s paid staff, Frida primarily works as Pastor Jay’s assistance dog. Frida has also been working with some of our guests as a therapy dog. In 2009, she worked with guests 40 times.

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