Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creatively Responding to Poverty

Rev. Megan Rohrer, Executive Director
Did you know that Pastor Megan teaches communities and congregations, not only in the Bay Area, but across the country to respond to poverty?

In 2009, Pastor Megan taught 2,458 individuals about poverty issues. One of the most requested talks is called “Servant or Sucker: A Faithful Response to Panhandlers.” Inviting Pastor Megan to your congregation to preach or teach is a great way to direct pulpit supply funds to a justice ministry! Contact to invite Pastor Megan to speak to your congregation or community.

Pete Feltman, Volunteer and Donation Coordinator
Vicar Pete, is an intern from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. In addition to his work coordinating donations and volunteers, Pete also provides music ministry to our guests. Pete not only plays music at our meals to lighten the mood, but he helps our guests play music for and with each other. Using music to help guests learn basic social skills, as pastoral care or to help guests recover from addition, Pete has also been providing individual music lessons for some of our guests. Pete also provides music for Welcome’s weekly worship service each Thursday from 3-4pm.

Case Garver, Program Assistant
Case, a member of the Lutheran Volunteer Corp, helps individuals of all social economic backgrounds volunteer at our community gardening spaces. When a long time guest of Welcome who is formerly homeless came to volunteer at the Free Farm, Case helped the guest take breaks, fit in with other volunteers and stay hydrated while working in the sun. Case’s willingness to chat with neighbors has they walk past our gardens has also encouraged many local residents to join us at our workdays each Wednesday and Saturday from 10am -2pm.

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