Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome's Grievance Policy

Appproved by the Welcome Board of Directors in July of 2009

Grounds for Grievance:
·         Denial of Services: A client is denied a service typically offered to guests of WELCOME
·         Unfair or Unequal Treatment: Having a complaint or concern about a service received is when a guest believes they have been treated unfairly or has received poor treatment by a service provider or by the consortium.
·         Breach of Confidentiality: If a staff or volunteer discloses personal information about a client without written consent. 
·         Allegations of misconduct: If a staff or volunteer violates WELCOME’s Professional Ethics Policy.  [See Professional Ethics Policy]

Guests Rights during the Grievance Process
·         Guests’ confidentiality and/or anonymity are protected during the filing of a grievance and, to the extent possible, during the investigative process.
·         Retaliatory or restrictive actions toward clients filing grievances are prohibited. Staff and volunteers found to be involved in such actions are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
·          Documentation of the grievance and steps taken, will be kept on file for two years.

The Grievance Process Proceeds in the following way:
1.       When possible, guests talk directly to the staff or volunteer(s) with whom there is a grievance.
2.       The Grievance form is submitted to the Executive Director who will provide a receipt of the grievance.  The Executive Director, or their designee, will follow up with the staff, volunteer(s) and guests involved in the grievance.  The Executive Director will respond to the guest who filled out the grievance within thirty (30) days.
3.    The guest may submit their grievance to the personnel committee chair when: (a) the grievance involves the Executive Director; (b) the guests believes their grievance has not been resolved by the Executive Director.  The Personnel Committee will respond to the guest who filled out the grievance within thirty (30) days.
  1. Guest completes the grievance form. The grievance must include the date, approximate time and description of incident and names of individuals involved and be submitted within thirty (30) days of the of the act or decision in question.
  2. Acknowledgment of receipt of grievance is provided to each grievance within 7 (7) working days and includes: (a) date grievance received and (b) overview of investigation process.

Guest Name:  ____________________________________________________________
Guest Mailing Address (if applicable): ____________________________________________________________
Guest Phone Number (if applicable): ____________________________________________________________
Date(s) Incident Occurred: ____________________________________________________________
Name of Staff or Volunteer: ____________________________________________________________

Brief Summary of Incident/Complaint: Please tell us what occurred, when it happened and who it involved. If the grievance involves a denial of services, include the service requested, (you may summarize on a separate piece of paper and attach, also feel free to attach and include any document that may support your complaint).

What outcome(s) are you looking for to address your grievance?

1. Have you reviewed WELCOME’s grievance policy and procedures?          Yes         No
2. Have you discussed this issue with the staff or volunteer(s) involved?     Yes          No
3. Was there a satisfactory resolution proposed?        Yes          No
In accordance with the grievance procedure adopted by WELCOME, I am submitting this grievance.   I hereby authorize a representative of WELCOME to contact the staff and/or volunteer(s) listed above and discuss my complaint.

Signature:______________________________________          Date __________
Mail original to: WELCOME, c/o Rev. Megan Rohrer, Executive Director, 3201 Ulloa St, San Francisco CA 94116. Mark both sides of the envelope confidential.