Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WELCOME Needs Donations

One of our more recent programs is an interfaith/meditative time of worship every Thursday for any and all that wish to come. There are a number of things we need to do to transform our worship space. The following list of donations would be most helpful to us in making the space as worshipful as possible

    • Unscented white candles of all sizes (especially tea lights)

    • Simple decorative candle holders (with no scent).

    • Cultural tablecloths/tapestries

    • Any framed or sturdy visual art

    • $50 donation to acquire music rights for J. Rundman songs.

    • Recorded/sheet music for simple interfaith songs.

    • Basic craft supplies for adults – such as markers, cardstock, etc (all unscented/non-toxic)

    • Prayer books and/or devotional objects for interfaith.

We are also looking for Volunteers to help with this time of interfaith meditation. Volunteers would help set up/clean up. Any volunteers that would be interested in sharing music, prayer, or crafts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for considering these needs!

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