Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Contact Information!

The Welcome Ministry phone numbers are changing, effective immediately:

To reach Pastor Megan Rohrer or Pastor Jay Wilson, call us at 1-866-999-3596
Pastor Megan is at extension 501, Pastor Jay at extension 502 (the outgoing message will tell you this as well)
Fax and E-mail remain the same.

Why are we changing our phone numbers?
-To save lots of money so that we can spend more on meeting guest needs
-So that our guests (and everyone else) can call us toll free
-To improve our phone service, which had difficulties when using cell phones in our offices
-To make sure we don't miss any messages, because they'll come to our E-mails as well
-To give people more ways to reach us- you can also find us on Skype at 925-348-9344 under the screenname "mmrohrer" (don't be fooled- we're both at that name)
-To help us set better boundaries about when we're available to take calls and when we're not

Let us know if you have any difficulties reaching us, so that we can fix any potential problems. Our E-mails remain the best way to reach us:
Pastor Megan: megan@welcomeministry.org
Pastor Jay: jay@welcomeministry.org

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