Friday, October 3, 2008

Now more than ever, we are all beggars!

Greetings friends of the Welcome Ministry:

It seems like all we are hearing about lately is the financial crisis and stock market bailout, so you may be surprised that I’m sending you a letter to beg you for money. Some of you are experiencing real loses or growing concerns about your budgets, homes, jobs and gas tanks. Now more than ever, you may understand how close we all are to homelessness.

Others of you are experiencing economic growth, have a new appreciation for your job security or the gift of good financial planning and wise housing decisions. Now more than ever, you may understand the privilege you have and your responsibility to give back and help others.

The Welcome Ministry is celebrating that we have been able to raise more money this year than any other in our 12 year history. We've needed to in order to hire Jay Wilson, both a pastor and social worker. But, the Welcome Ministry receives more than 90% of its funding from foundations whose funds are primarily dependent upon stock market returns . Now more than ever we need your support.

Regardless of your personal finances, you support the Welcome Ministry because you know we help the homeless, many that have been homeless for more than 20 years, improve their quality of life. Since April we have: helped 98 of our friends move indoors; provided pastoral counseling for more than 652 individuals and families; and fed more than 5300 hungry members of our community.

We have been able to do all this great work because you have invested in us. Thank you for supporting our work and sharing it with your friends. I beg you to support our work on behalf of those who for too long have had to beg for their daily bread. I ask, knowing that it may be financially difficult, because I know what a big difference it makes to the lives of our guests.

$50 will feed 422 people;
$100 helps one individual get their identification (the key to accessing health care, shelters, housing, food stamps and the ability to vote);
$250 provides 52 pastoral counseling sessions
$1,000 enables 150 individuals to attend classes to learn about health, budgeting, mental health management and addiction issues
$2,000 provides individual support for 20 individuals work on getting disability benefits and to move indoors

Thanks in advance for your generosity!

Rev. Megan Rohrer
The Welcome Ministry

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